We didn’t become the industry leaders overnight.

We’ve been here working with you since 1973.

Founded in 1973 by Jim and Kathy Moser in Casper, Wyoming, Moser built its business and reputation over multiple decades as a leading provider of engine service and repair for the oil and gas industry. In the early 2000’s Moser made a significant industry innovation when Moser successfully tested a generator in the field using wellhead gas produced as a byproduct in oil production. This innovation allowed for a substantial reduction in natural gas flaring and a reduction in oilfield operating expenses. Today, Moser's generators and services are known as the gold standard for durability and reliability. Moser continues its legacy of innovation and industry-leading generators with a full line of natural gas generators, diesel generators, and HybridGen systems.

In early 2020, Moser Energy consummated a transformational transaction to strategically and financially strengthen the company when WestFront Capital Group (http://www.westfrontcapital.com/) and Hilltop Opportunity Partners (http://www.hilltop-holdings.com/hop) invested in the company. Randall Moser maintains ownership alongside Hilltop and WestFront.



President and Chief Executive Officer

Peter Dawes is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Moser Energy Systems. Prior to joining Moser, Peter was President and Chief Operating Officer of Capco, LLC. He also served as President of Global Power’s Mechanical Solutions Group and held various positions with GE, ABB, and Exterran. He holds BA and BS degrees from the University of Notre Dame, an MS degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, and an MBA, with Honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Vice President for Innovation

Darrin Moorman is Vice President for Innovation at Moser Energy Systems and has been involved in the development of a wide range of advanced energy systems for more than 20 years. He is a US Marine veteran with extensive work experience in EV development, advanced engine controls, power generation systems, combined heat power units, energy storage and micro grid technologies spanning five continents in both commercial and military applications. Darrin lives in Oldenburg, IN with his family and enjoys biking, running and cooking.

Darrin will be presenting the various ways that hybrid power generation solves many of the issues with micro grid applications by providing superior power delivery, improved efficiency, reduced emissions and added resiliency.


Chief Operations Officer

Craig Wright is the Chief Operations Officer of Moser Energy Systems. He has almost 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He is well-known for his strong work ethic and his dedication to providing Moser clients with expert solutions and exceptional experiences. Craig’s comprehensive and wide range of industry experience significantly benefits his clients. He has held leadership roles in several areas, including field sales, compression and process sales, and power generation. Craig will go the extra mile for his clients, and he has traveled the globe to work on large and diverse projects with multiple clients. Craig has helped to successfully grow and develop Moser’s Rental & Service Division, now with six locations across the United States, including service branches, warehousing, and rental facilities. He most recently led the management and opening of Moser’s new 8,000 square foot rental and service facility in the Permian Basin.


Chief Financial Officer

Barry Butler is the Chief Financial Officer of Moser Energy Systems responsible for all administrative and financial operations of the firm. Before his role as CFO of Moser, he was the firm’s controller for two years. Prior to joining Moser, Barry worked as the Assistant Controller for Wyoming Rents – Cat The Rental Store for nearly a decade, where he held various roles, including Human Resources, Payroll, Accounting, and Financial Planning. Barry is a Wyoming native who attended the University of Wyoming, where he earned a B.S. in Finance and a minor in Banking and Financial Services.