Moser Energy Systems Employee Spotlight: Jay Hutchinson

Employee Spotlight

Name: Jay Hutchinson

Work Title: DJ and Permian Operations Chief

Tenure at Moser: 3 ½ years

Children: 1, but soon to be 2

Military Service: USMC/5 Years

Bio: “It all started with a motocross race,” Jay Hutchinson began.

According to the story, Hutchinson, the DJ and Permian Operations Chief for Moser Energy Systems, first began working for the company because a friend of his, and fellow motocross racer, called him one day and asked if he knew anyone that knew how to work on generators. Hutchinson did – himself. Shortly thereafter, he was introduced to the COO of Moser Energy at the time, and the two hit it off famously. They bonded over motocross and it wasn’t long before Hutchinson was being sold on the idea of working for Moser Energy Systems. It was an idea he eventually bought.

“I met the COO at the time, because his son raced,” Hutchinson stated. “So after talking to him, I decided very quickly that I wanted to be a part of Moser. I wanted to be a part of that family company. I got insights into the whole background of the company and I liked the environment. I liked the idea of … Read the rest “Moser Energy Systems Employee Spotlight: Jay Hutchinson”

METIS Press Release

Press Release

March 22, 2021

For Immediate Release:

Moser Energy Systems is proud to announce the company was recently awarded a sole-source contract with the United States Army Corps of Engineers Construction Energy Research Laboratory (CERL) based in Champaign, IL. The contract is for the development and delivery of Moser’s revolutionary hybrid power system called METIS, (Moser Energy Tactical Inverter System). METIS integrates conventional power generation equipment with expandable battery energy storage in a rugged and deployable package. Through the use of battery energy storage and advanced power electronics, METIS reduces fuel consumption by 40% versus conventional power generation and cuts greenhouse gas emissions in half while providing far superior power delivery and power quality. METIS is designed to operate with military generators currently in the DoD inventory and to become an important enhancement to military tactical microgrid capability. Hybrid systems are crucial to providing the critical power needs of the modern warfighter on a battlefield that is heavily dependent on reliable energy.

METIS is based on the successful Moser HybridGen released in 2019 and is part of Moser Energy Systems’ commitment to providing leading-edge technology amid a fast-changing energy landscape. Hybrid systems, such as HybridGen and METIS, extract the full potential … Read the rest “METIS Press Release”