Moser Energy Systems Employee Spotlight: Darrin Moorman

Employee Spotlight

Name: Darrin Moorman

Work Title: Vice President of Innovation and Business Development

Tenure at Moser: 3 ½ years

Hobbies: “I enjoy trail running, ultra-running competitions, Crossfit, live music, cooking, and spending time with my family.”

Bio: Darrin Moorman has only been working for Moser Energy Services for 3 ½ years, but he’s been working with Moser Energy for the past ten.

“I’ve known the Moser family for ten years,” Moorman stated. “I started working with the company ten years ago when I was working for PSI [Power Services Inc.] and I developed a great rapport with the people that worked there and the people who owned the company at the time. I helped out a lot in the development of the Moser Solution and Moser helped with the development of the PSI Solution, and we worked really well together.” 

After Moorman left PSI, he began working at a microgrid company. This led to various conversations with the higher-ups at Moser about where Moorman saw the industry going in the future. 

“It started out as a conversation about the trends that were going on in the energy world, what I saw those trends leading to and where I thought Moser could really leverage what they do well.” 

Those conversations eventually led to a job, one which was specifically created for Moorman. 

“The job title was created and, to be honest with you because I had done some business in this type of space, I knew that the title needed to be creative in order to get the traction at the right level and in the right industry.”

In order to get peoples’ attention, the title had to be flashy, which led to Moorman being named the ‘Vice President of Innovation and Business Development.’ 

“I think my role with the company, and with the transfer of ownership in the company, my role has kind of emerged and maybe changed a little bit more since I started,” he stated. “But I do believe I’m in a really great position to help the company leverage some of the technology that we’ve developed into some markets that will be huge. I’m really looking forward to 2021 because we’re already off to a great start in markets and industries that, previously, Moser hasn’t touched. And none of those industries are even remotely connected to oil and gas, which I think is really important.”

It is important. Some might even say it’s, well, innovative. Especially with the current state the world is in, it’s important to look beyond what’s current, and that’s exactly what Moorman is doing. 

“A long-range goal that I have would be to get the Moser name, that same cachet that we have in power generation for oil and gas, that we’re widely known and accepted as one of the leaders in those industries; I’d also like to get there in alternative energy systems and in microgrids,” he said. “I’d like the Moser name to become synonymous with reliable, deployable microgrids outside of oil and gas.” 

With the team that Moser Energy has built, that doesn’t sound like a goal that will be hard to accomplish. From the top to, well, there is no bottom at Moser Energy (everybody that works there is pivotal to the process), the company has proven itself in terms of innovation, reputation, and full capability. And that is not something that is ever going to change.  “You go all the way back to the founding of this company, and Moser Energy has always been about integrity. It’s been about going a little further than what’s required. It’s about meeting and exceeding expectations. It’s about not being afraid to work hard, not being afraid to hustle, and always being there. It’s about accountability; doing what we say we’re going to do and ensuring people know that they can count on us.”