Moser Energy Systems Employee Spotlight: Ashton Wilson

Employee Spotlight
Ashton Wilson

Name: Ashton Wilson

Title: Sales Representative for the Rocky and Midwest Region

Tenure: 8 Months

Marital Status: Married

Children: Six

Hobbies: Family Events, Camping, Hunting

Bio: When Ashton Wilson walked into Moser 8 months ago to begin working as the Sales Rep for the Rocky and Midwest Region, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“At my last employer, I was a Branch Manager for Downing,” Wilson stated. “At the time the pandemic hit, the oil and gas industry had seen commodity prices take an all-time low. With the writing on the wall and painful employee reductions, the timing could not have been better for an opportunity to arise.”

That would be a tough position for anybody to be in. Luckily, around that same time, Moser Energy Systems was looking for a new Salesman for the Rocky and Midwest Region. They contacted Wilson and offered him the job, which he took without hesitation because it served multiple purposes.

“It was perfect timing to start something different,” Wilson stated. “I got to broaden my knowledge base within the oil and gas industry.”

Wilson said that in downturns in the oil and gas industry, especially with the recent pandemic, many oil and gas service providers had to reduce their workforce.

“Moser did the opposite,” he said. “Moser seized the downturn as an opportunity to regroup, prepare equipment, and continue to build the Moser team on the solid foundation it has.”

Working for Moser was a good move, career-wise, but Wilson said it also saved him from having to make some tough decisions.

“When I resigned from my role as the branch manager, the company had to have a knowledgeable team member to lead the team. So for some of the employees, it went from possibly being laid off to, now, actually being promoted. It was a win-win.”

“Everybody knows who Moser is,” Wilson beamed. “A locally started company that has innovated an environmental and cost-saving solution for our industry. A company that was built on ethics, leadership, and culture. To join a team that has accomplished this much thus far was an opportunity I could not pass on.

As the Sales Rep for the Rocky and Midwest Region, Wilson does a lot.

“We provide power generation for many needs,” Wilson said. “We offer industry-leading power generation needs for remote oil and gas locations. Likewise, we provide standby power needs for residential, commercial, or agricultural services. Moser engineers, solves, and produces anything generator related.”

Wilson loves many aspects of his job, and the pride he takes in his work is evident with every word he says. But he said that his absolute favorite part of the job is working with customers to create solutions to whatever power obstacle they may be facing.

“I love to interact with people,” he said. “I learn new things on a daily basis. I’m like a sponge, always absorbing knowledge. But my favorite part of the job is interacting with our clients. If they have a problem, I like to provide a solution.”

That mentality is shared by most of the people who work for Moser Energy Systems, which is why it has been an industry leader in power generation and industrial engine innovation since 1973.

“We’re the first company to run a generator off of well gas but, product aside, I can confidently say that we have the best service team in the power generation business.”

Outside of work, Wilson said he stays busy with his family. He and his wife have 6 children together; five biologically, plus their adopted youngest son.

“When learning our nephew was in foster care, my wife and I sat down and came to the agreement that we could not just stand by,” he said. “‘We already have five, what’s one more?’ I asked her.”

So their family of seven became a family of eight. All of the children are busy with school, sports, extracurricular activities, and more. They are constantly busy which is why, during the first couple weeks of September, Wilson and his wife take time to do the thing they love most.

“Our favorite vacation time together is bowhunting,” he revealed. “We stay fairly busy throughout the year, so typically at least 1 week of bow season is our alone time. But during the summer, we spend a lot of time camping and a lot of time boating. We spend a lot of time outdoors.”

Wilson and his family are able to play hard because they also work hard. Wilson is devoted to his job. He’s devoted to offering the best products and, especially, the best service to his clients. And he is devoted to maintaining Moser Energy Systems’ reputation as an innovator and industry leader.

“Moser truly cares about its employees, their families, and the products that they produce. The resilience that the Moser company has shown throughout the years has proven that a local company can survive, and thrive, in a major industry.”

And the reason Moser Energy Systems is able to do that, is because it’s made up of people like Ashton Wilson.