CRC400 Press Release

Press Release
continuous power natural gas generator

September 10, 2020

For Immediate Release:

Moser Energy Systems is proud to announce its partnership with Cummins, Inc. in developing and building the world’s first generator based on Cummins’ rich burn, natural gas G Drive 19-liter engine called the Moser CRC400. The CRC400’s performance represents significant progress in lowering the cost and improving remote and emergency power reliability. This generator is made in the USA and is an excellent choice for heavy-duty, commercial power applications. Much like its predecessors, the Moser CRC400 generator features intelligent load management and remote diagnostics. Engineered as a dual fuel application, it can be fueled by natural gas or liquid propane. Whether there is no power available or when utility power goes out, that is when the Moser CRC400 gets to work, allowing for a seamless start-up or transition. It is backed by 100 years of Cummins dependability and Moser’s decades of experience designing and manufacturing generators for heavy-duty and harsh environment applications.

The first unit has already been engineered and tested in conjunction with Cummins at Moser Energy Systems’ testing facility, located in Casper, Wyoming. It is currently being field-tested on wellhead gas sites with over 1000 hours and zero downtime.

“Moser Energy Systems is leading the wellhead gas power generation industry, and we’re proving it once again with the Moser CRC400 generator,” said Aaron Emery, the Operations Manager at Moser Energy Systems. “Just like Moser Energy Systems has pioneered wellhead gas-powered generators, we were the first to make power generation mobile and the first to have trailer containment for our generators. Now, we are at the forefront of the industry again with the introduction of this new American-made CRC400 natural gas generator.”

The full release is slated for early 2021, and this new generator is sure to change the game once again in the world of energy.

Since 1973 Moser Energy Systems was built on a foundation as an industry leader in power generation and industrial engine innovation and reliability. Moser Energy Systems has the power solution for your site and facility needs, and they are proud to partner with Cummins, Inc.- another world-renowned leader in the oil and gas industry. Moser and Cummins offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products to fit your unique needs, from clean diesel and low-emissions natural gas engines to electric, hybrid, and alternative fuel powertrain technologies. You can count on maximum efficiency, performance, and ingenuity. Moser Energy Systems and Cummins Inc. are Always On, and now, with the new Moser CRC400 natural gas generator, you will be too.

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