METIS Press Release

Press Release
the company was recently awarded a sole-source contract with the United States Army Corps of Engineers Construction Energy Research Laboratory

March 22, 2021

For Immediate Release:

Moser Energy Systems is proud to announce the company was recently awarded a sole-source contract with the United States Army Corps of Engineers Construction Energy Research Laboratory (CERL) based in Champaign, IL. The contract is for the development and delivery of Moser’s revolutionary hybrid power system called METIS, (Moser Energy Tactical Inverter System). METIS integrates conventional power generation equipment with expandable battery energy storage in a rugged and deployable package. Through the use of battery energy storage and advanced power electronics, METIS reduces fuel consumption by 40% versus conventional power generation and cuts greenhouse gas emissions in half while providing far superior power delivery and power quality. METIS is designed to operate with military generators currently in the DoD inventory and to become an important enhancement to military tactical microgrid capability. Hybrid systems are crucial to providing the critical power needs of the modern warfighter on a battlefield that is heavily dependent on reliable energy.

METIS is based on the successful Moser HybridGen released in 2019 and is part of Moser Energy Systems’ commitment to providing leading-edge technology amid a fast-changing energy landscape. Hybrid systems, such as HybridGen and METIS, extract the full potential from carbon-based energy resources while providing the means to effectively integrate renewable energy resources such as solar and wind energy.

“Hybrid energy systems provide the ‘bridge technology’ between conventional generators and renewable energy resources,” said Darrin Moorman, Vice President of Innovation and Business Development at Moser Energy Systems. “Energy transition from carbon-based energy to 100% renewable-based energy is a decades-long process that involves the integration of emerging technologies with proven and reliable systems. Hybrid power generation is a great example of how effective a well-engineered system can perform. Conventional generation provides consistent baseload power while renewable energy reduces the overall emissions. Batteries and power electronics integrate the two together for a more effective overall system. It is no surprise the US military is leading the adoption of hybrid power systems. I’m really proud of the work the Moser team is doing along with our technology partner, Lex TM3.”

Since 1973 Moser Energy Systems was built on a foundation as an industry leader in power generation and industrial engine innovation and reliability. Moser Energy Systems has the power solution for your site and facility needs, and they are proud to provide this critical power system to our armed forces. Moser offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products to fit your unique needs, from clean diesel and low-emissions natural gas engines to electric, hybrid, and alternative fuel powertrain technologies. You can count on maximum efficiency, performance, and ingenuity.